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Bodies Floating Ashore

by Bodies Floating Ashore

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Here am I on a driftwood bench Acting like I don't notice the stench Killing time till I may scanvenge - I never prey Children, mine, rest in liquid graves See that face peeking out above the waves Was alive long ago There's no time - back I throw And I will wait another day because I'm too damn proud Sand erosion slow decay Tide brings, then carries away Here am I as the grey turns black I can't leave in fear they won't come back They'll be lost when I'm gone But I'm still here
Well 03:50
It's a pretty nifty city but I live on the outskirts In a big house with a well and an old wood stove As it's heating I'm completing one more stab at this letter But the words don't come Should these lines end with rhymes or is this prose? As my heart hangs out blood's getting on my clothes Plaster peeling off the ceiling so I patch it with spackle Snails are crawling up the stairs onto my front porch I've got deadlines to write headlines But the drips in the bathroom Keep me up all night Busted sink makes me think I should want more As my hands cut pipes blood's spilling on the floor Where's this place I hide when I need some peace? But where is the boundary The task lists surround me I find myself scrambling to scribble down what I need What I have Where's the time? There's no time So I wait for the day it all disappears As my brain leaks out my ear Out of ash and thick air I will rise again But I can't conceive of what will happen then
Open the door and shaking off bad weather Message light - red red black Call me tonight: the warning from my mother And then it's you. I erase the two. Clean off the stove - what to make for dinner? Can't decide - I never could Washing the plates until my brain picks a winner And then I dry. Look in your heart and be a friend 'cuz I need a helping hand - lend me a couple grand And if that's too much can you pretend 'cuz I wouldn't understand - I wouldn't understand Turn on the tube and catch the game in progress End of 9 and still no score Unable to turn my luck in some direction Good or bad And that's where I'm at - no thanks to you 'cuz I never learned the law and I had a shitty draw But how could you know I'm drowning here I needed a helping hand to drag me back to land So toss me away - don't waste your time 'cuz I'll never understand - I'll never understand I'll never understand
29 03:05
It's stupid time and what's your plan? You got no weekly rag inside your big house I waited years to see this show It's something you would like But I don't think you'll go I don't think you'll go I don't think you'll go It's Friday night and life is bland The week was long and hard but so was last week You're 29 I understand You got so much to do So I don't think you'll go I don't think you'll go I don't think you'll go I don't think you'll go I don't think you'll go
Forked 02:48
So what's it like to call me and listen to me lie? All that remains between us is for me to say goodbye And I don't care about you now one bit Still the phone it rings, I answer it When I'm at work don't call me My boss docks me the time And while we're here don't call me during dinner And don't call me after nine And never call before it's 10 a.m. Better yet never call again
The Gardener 02:56
I'm not using seeds I'm not expecting anything to spring out of these holes Except maybe passing souls I won't need to water I won't even check to see if they bear any fruit Except I could dig up bones And put them all together with some glue and some wire Or dress them in fake fur That's what I'll do - I'm inspired And pose their skeletons out in the yard, or on my car Just like the old days Press their tiny skulls into my face while I'm asleep Just like the old days Stand them in the window looking out into the world Just like the old days I'm so alone
There's a shed around the back Where curtains drop, fade to black But I pulled you from despair I was wrong to choose I was wrong to choose I was wrong to choose Strangely warm the autumn air Hard to contrast and compare As you lied there on the rack I was wrong to choose I was wrong to choose I was wrong to choose
Who's the dimwit with the dreams? I... Who's the wishful not-what-he-seems? Who got stuck with the sudden leading role? Who's the captain of loser team? I... Dirty cup, spoiled cream I'm the outside I'm your cold left hand But I've got one green eye Set upon your rising sign I'm the outline I'm the long lost soul But who arrived on time With the sudden bleeding hole On your doorstep Red and green? I...
Jilted 02:49
The cable on the phone has gotten much too twisted Now it won't reach into the other room Two cats run up an oak and drop into the window Of a housemate who sleeps all afternoon Seems to be the world explores its druthers While I shred my self esteem Seems to me another jilted lover hangs around Then fades into a dream The carpet has no choice With footsteps unpredictable, unhealthy From this confused parade The years they pile up with nothing much to show for it Except a note that said I wish you stayed unbetrayed Seems to be the young and clueless brothers Fail to plow on with their scheme Seems to me a bunch of filth and clutter hangs around
Weakness 03:48
You're a long-time loser, you bother, you're a fool You're the one that makes us feel much better When compared to you You're a freak, an outcast, you'll never be as cool As the ones whose words you hate But still you take for your own use This gross abuse will be your noose And you're not my friend Always hope but nothing in the end No more promises and favors waiting for Your new weakness, lame excuse or alibi You're a lie Look at all creation - think hard and analyze See the themes are laughs and screams At all the dreams your life denies You're not surprised? Well good for you... But you're not my friend Always hope but nothing in the end No more promises and favors waiting for Your new weakness, lame excuse or alibi You're a lie
Dayjob demons start to doze And coffee shops commence to close On sidewalks heaps of moldy junk The last Thursday of this here month Out of doors the thrifty stir Let's go snag some furniture Don't forget to bring your flashlight And some empty crates or a hatchback TV sets with the screens all busted Rusty mattress springs and a hatrack And used cassettes The moon is dark, the hours wee The getting's good 'cuz it's all free I saw it first - no just move on No time before the good stuff's gone The sun will rise, store closes when The streets are swarmed with garbagemen Here's a box full of clumpy t-shirts And a dresser, warped, missing drawer knobs Elvis clocks with the twisted hour hand And a rope that's tied to a shower rod And monosocks
RSI 03:16
Long day, or days, I can't remember It's all a quiet mess At least I know it's my rut In this regard I'm blessed I'll break your heart every evening With no thought, no excuse Just disregard for your life And a stomach for abuse I'll write you a letter Because it's impossible to speak and not get pissed You deserve so much better than this.. No gain, no pain, no improvement There's no room left to grow So let's squander our existence I'll drag us both below I can't keep together As I contemplate the pain inside my wrist You deserve so much better than this..
Bullets 01:23
Came the sign, the stars align And a god is made A silent force will now run its course And then dissipate No one believed that this would last forever Words you say will dance and play Up inside my head Your twisted hands and cryptic plans Kicked me out of bed Can I just leave? And when will I forget her? Did you have your fun with that empty gun Waving at the crowd? Did you shoot your load as our hearts explode And we hit the ground? Do you believe that bullets make it better?
39 02:29
It's Tuesday night, cold beer in hand The television bright inside your dark house The days are short and progress slow You claim it's rotten luck But I don't think you know I don't think you know I don't think you know It's Thursday night in prime time land All dreams and deadlines gone and no one got hurt You're 39 and there's no plan You say the path is clear But I don't think you know I don't think you know I don't think you know


released January 13, 2014


Composing, playing, singing, recording, mixing
by Matt Lebofsky

Basics for 2,4,8,11,12,13 recorded
by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Recording

Cover Art by Lisa Lebofsky
Design by Jenya Chernoff

Insert containing lyrics and liner notes included in full album download.


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Bodies Floating Ashore Oakland, California

Music by Matt Lebofsky (of miRthkon, MoeTar, Secret Chiefs 3, Monstrika, Faun Fables, Mumble & Peg, Midline Errors...)

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